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Taking on Cobb County’s Gang Crisis 

Cobb County is facing a growing street-gang crisis. There is a documented gang presence in every high school and The Marietta Daily Journal recently reported that gang cases doubled in 2015. When county leaders asked the legislature for tougher gang laws, I answered the call. I filed a bill containing some of the toughest anti-gang laws in the country and worked hard to pass the bill through both chambers of the state legislature.

Other Legislation that I have Sponsored: 

HB 119: This bill corrected an issue in our laws which prevented probate and juvenile court judges from being able to sign an order to require immediate medical help for our citizens who are mentally ill/suicidal and suffer from AIDS/HIV. With this law now in place, some of our citizens who suffer from HIV/AIDS are able to receive help just as quickly as all other citizens. I am very proud of this legislation and I believe this may help in saving the lives of some Georgians. Due to my work on this legislation, I was named the Council of Probate Court Judges Legislator of the Year for 2015.

HB 418: This bill resolved a long-standing conflict of interest by refining the eligibility requirements to serve on a Grand Jury in Georgia. With this law, if a person is actively participating in an accountability court or a diversion program, they are unable to serve as a Grand Juror until they have successfully completed the program.

HB 89: I co-sponsored this legislation to allow for the creation of a commercial free drug zone on Franklin Road in Cobb County. From my days as an Assistant DA in Cobb, I am very familiar with the amount of drug related activity in this part of our community. I was happy to work on this bill, which has enabled the establishment of this drug free zone, so that our law enforcement can better target drug dealers and get them off the streets.

HB 430: I co-sponsored and worked hard to pass this legislation, which brought broad revision to our search and seizure laws in GA and will assist law enforcement and prosecutors in keeping our community safe.

HB 443: Honoring Our Veterans. I proudly co-sponsored this new law that will allow employers to show preference in hiring or retaining veterans.

Also, in my first term, I:

  • Opposed tax increases
  • Voted to expand 2nd Amendment rights
  • Passed a balanced state budget
  • Voted to reduce student testing and teacher evaluations tied to testing, and voted to give our teachers a pay raise
  • Led efforts for adoption reform and voted to protect the sanctity of life
  • Co-sponsored a bill to allow businesses to give hiring preference to our veterans

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